Bakken Shale Companies and Active Operators

The following list is made up of active companies and lease operators in the Bakken Shale play:

  • Apache
  • Arsenal Energy Inc.
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Continental Resources
  • Earthstone Energy
  • Emerald Oil
  • Enerplus
  • EOG Resources
  • ExxonMobil
  • Forestar Group
  • Halcon Resources
  • Hess
  • Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp
  • Linn Energy
  • Marathon Oil
  • MDU Resources Group, Inc.
  • Newfield
  • Norstra Energy
  • Northern Oil & Gas Inc.
  • Oasis
  • Occidental Petroleum (Oxy)
  • Penn Virginia Corporation
  • Petro-Hunt

  • Petro-quest
  • Prima Exploration
  • Questar
  • Resolute Energy
  • Samson Resources
  • Slawson Exploration
  • SM Energy (St. Mary Land & Exploration)
  • Statoil (Brigham)
  • Triangle Petroleum
  • US Energy
  • Whiting Petroleum
  • WPX Energy
  • XTO
  • Yuma


  1. Jan Norman says:

    I never see Crescent Point on your list, though our family has been receiving small royalty checks for more than a year. How can we keep track of their production without an expensive subscription?

  2. Anthony says:

    Does warren buffet own any fracking co.?

  3. Dave B says:

    Where is WPX Energy on the list?
    They have had 4-5 rigs drilling for over 3 years now. They bought 100k acres from Zenergy / Dakota-3 in Dec 2010 now operate over 100 wells.

    • R.T. Dukes R.T. Dukes says:

      Good catch Dave B. I believe Williams was on the list and was deleted and not simply changed to WPX Energy.

      Thank you,

  4. Charlene says:

    What about Apache Western Exploration

    • R.T. Dukes R.T. Dukes says:

      Good addition. I don’t believe they have plans to go forward with development, but they do have a large acreage position in Northeast Montana.

  5. Jerry Plymeell says:

    Is their a list compiled for the major sellers of crude in the bakken ? I would like to connect with them for crude for some of our buyers.

  6. Janice Welsh says:

    Hi, Anyone have news on Great Northern Energy out of Bismark??

  7. Ingemar Jansson says:

    Any liquefaction plants in Bakken??

  8. whitney duplantis says:

    Where is Hilcorp Energy? Seems they would show up somewhere even as minorty plyer

  9. Good Morning Mike: My names is David Schmidt and I work to New Tech Global in Denver Colorado. We are a consultant firm that specializes both in Drilling and Completions consultants and would be willing to help in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me via email at

  10. I am looking for well completion consulting agencies in ND.

  11. Hi
    Can any one please provide me the source for getting the oilfield rental companies.

  12. Is there a list with the amount of land each of these firms controls in the region?

  13. John Nordstrom says:

    This is probably a dumb question but why is Oxy not on the list??

    • R.T. Dukes R.T. Dukes says:

      Not a dumb question. In a website update, it looks like some information might have been lost. We’re in the middle of updating the list.

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    • Gregg Murphy says:


      Is Empire Oil on the list?


    • R.T. Dukes R.T. Dukes says:

      I haven’t come across them as an operator. Do they operate wells in the region?

  14. B. Todo says:

    Do operators always have a majority interest in a well?

    • R.T. Dukes R.T. Dukes says:

      No. A majority working interest partner is not always the operator. It is uncommon, but possible.

      Honestly, I don’t believe a can recall a case in the Bakken where the majority working interest partner is not the operator….

  15. Michael says:

    Hi, I am an owner operator (trucking) would like info on how to go direct to oil companies to gain work. Instead of sub contracting with other trucking companies.

  16. Is FRAM Operating LLC drilling in the Bakken or other formations?

    • R.T. Dukes R.T. Dukes says:

      Is Fram targeting the Bakken? They acquired a prospect in the area, but I do not believe it is a Bakken prospect

  17. Where is Norstra energy on this list ?

    • R.T. Dukes R.T. Dukes says:

      They have been added. Good catch.

      Keep the suggestions coming. We’ve tried to include major operators in the past, but suggest companies with significant non-operated holdings as well.

  18. Enrique says:

    Hi. Which of these are operating inside the MHA reservation in ND?

  19. Any info on 1st NRG corp?

    • R.T. Dukes R.T. Dukes says:

      Small company with non-operated positions. Let us know if anyone has more information

  20. Is there an ETF that represents bakkenshale?

  21. Ken Schulz says:

    Any info on Eagle Oil and Gas? We have leases with them, but I have yet to find info on any exploration or drilling they are doing in Hettinger or Slope counties. I assume they may have flipped the leases, but I’m not sure how to research this.

  22. Marilyn Achterkirch says:

    Cornerstone Natural Resources is also not on the list. I lease to them

  23. Doug Nelson says:

    I have 2 parcels/mineral rights in Zahl,Nd. Want info on leasing/partnering/producing/selling.

  24. Where is Prima Exploration on this list ? I lease to them.

    • R.T. Dukes RT Dukes says:

      Added! We’ve only included the major operators to date, but we’re working to complete the list. Let me know if you see others that aren’t listed.


  25. Joan Beam says:

    Please give me an email address for Hess Corporation. I would like to contact them regarding my royalties on the SC-HOVING 154-98-1003H-1 well

    • R.T. Dukes RT Dukes says:

      Ms. Beam, I think you’ll have better luck getting Hess’ contact information by visiting the website.