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Diesel Refinery Will Process 20,000 b/d Of Bakken Crude
Dakota Prairie Refinery Groudbreaking Governor Dalrymple

Dakota Prairie Refinery Groudbreaking Governor Dalrymple | Click to Enlarge

A partnership between MDU Resources and Calumet Specialty Product Partners broke ground on the Dakota Prairie Refinery on Tuesday.

The 318-are site where the refinery will be built sits just west of Dickinson in Stark County, ND. Construction is expected to take less than two years and will employ 400-500 people at the peak. Ongoing operations will employ approximately 100 people. Those are stable Bakken Jobs that will be around for decades to come. Hiring and training of operating personnel is expected to begin in 2013.

“Bringing this project from concept to construction took the effort of a great many people,” said David L. Goodin, president and chief executive officer of MDU Resources. “We especially appreciate the support of Governor Dalrymple, other state officials and state agencies. Their permitting process was rigorous, but at the same time they helped us identify and solve problems that are involved in a complex project such as this.”

Dakota Praire Groundbreaking Shovels

Dakota Praire Groundbreaking Shovels | Click to Enlarge

The refinery will have the capacity to process 20,000 b/d of local crude oil and will primary produce diesel. Diesel is in high demand in North Dakota and the state is challenged with a surplus of crude and a shortage of refined products. This plant will help meet strong local demand.

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