Bowman County, ND and the Bakken Shale Play

Bowman County, ND

Bowman County (1,167 sq. miles) is located in North Dakota and sits atop the the Three Forks formation. It is one of 16 active oil & gas producing counties in our North Dakota coverage area, but is outside the core area for production.

Bowman County didn't have any measurable production until 1958, but it began picking up in the early 2000's. In December, 2007, Bowman County hit its peak monthly total oil production at 49,722 b/d. Since then, production has steadily declined.

According to the North Dakota Geological Survey (NDGS), the oldest commercial hydrocarbon production in the state was established in 1929 when the Cedar Creek gas field was extended into Bowman County from Montana. In 1967, the Red River Play was discovered in the county.

The largest cities in Bowman County are Bowman City, Gascoyne, Rhame, and Scranton. Bowman City is the largest among them and serves as the county seat. County services of interest to oil and gas lease owners include the Bowman County Appraisal District (tax collector) office and the Bowman County Clerk (property records) office.

Bowman County – Bakken Shale Employment Statistics

The following information is provided by the North Dakota Workforce Intelligence Network (NDWIN) for Bowman County, ND:

  • Directly related oil & gas businesses: 36 (2013)
  • Oil & Gas employment: 360 people, representing 22% of population (2013)
  • Average wage for oil & gas professionals: $81,147 (2013)

Bowman County Oil & Gas Discussion Forum

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Major Operators in Bowman

Continental Resources, Inc. is the largest operator by far in Bowman County. Until recently, Continental was the largest Bakken/Three Forks producer.

E&P Companies with Operations in Bowman

  • Abraxas Petroleum Corp.
  • Citation Oil & Gas Corp.
  • Continental Resources, Inc.
  • Encore Energy Partners Operating, LLC
  • Fidelity Exploration & Production Company
  • Luff Exploration Company
  • Remuda Energy Development, LLC
  • Rim Operating, Inc.
  • Trek Resources, Inc.

Bowman County Pipeline Companies

  • Bison
  • Plains
  • WBI Energy