Fallon County, MT and the Bakken Shale Play

Fallon County, MT

Fallon County (1,623 sq miles) is located in eastern Montana and is just on the edge of the Bakken-Lodgepole Total Petroleum System (TPS).

The county encompasses six oilfields: Cabin Creek, Cupton, Little Beaver, Monarch, Pennel and South Willis Creek. The Cabin Creek, Cupton, Monarch and Pennel fields have all reported production from the Red River formation. The Cabin Creek field has also reported production from the Madison, Mission Canyon, Siluro-Ordovician, and Stony Mountain formations.

Annual oil production in Fallon County peaked in 2006 at 7,868,360 bbls, but began declining at the onset of the Bakken boom. Today, the county's annual production is closer to 2-million bbls annually.

Communities in Fallon County include Baker, and Plevna. The city of Baker is the county seat. County services of interest to oil and gas lease owners include the Fallon County Appraisal District (tax collector) office and the Fallon County Clerk (property records) office.

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Major Operators in Fallon

Fidelity Exploration & Production Co. has the most active wells in the county, and is focused on natural gas production.

E&P Companies with Operations in Fallon

  • Artex Oil Company
  • Bowers Oil & Gas, Inc.
  • Chaco Energy Company
  • Charger Resources, LLC
  • Continental Resources, Inc.
  • Denmark Resources, Inc.
  • Fidelity Exploration & Production Co.
  • Jurassic Resources Development Na, LLC
  • Reserve Operating Corp.
  • Sands Oil Company
  • Wesco Operating, Inc.

Fallon County Pipeline Companies

  • Butte Pipeline
  • WBI Energy