Koch Plans Open Season For Bakken Crude Pipeline To Illinois

Koch Pipeline is conducting phase I of an open season for Dakota Express Pipeline (250,000 b/d) starting July 1, 2013. The open season will last 45 days and is non-binding. The proposed pipeline will move crude from western North Dakota to receipt points in Illinois. A portion of the pipeline will be new build and a portion will include reversing Koch's Wood River Pipeline. The Wood River Pipeline moves crude from Hartford, Illinois, to Saint Paul, Minnesota, currently.

Koch Pipeline has completed an engineering viability study on reversing the flow of Wood River Pipeline and utilizing it as part of the Dakota Express Pipeline system.

If the pipeline moves forward, it could be in service by 2016 with capacity of 250,000 b/d. Koch will also explore plans to connect the pipeline to the Eastern Gulf Crude Access Pipeline, which connects to eastern Gulf Coast delivery points.