Is the Bakken Boom Getting Boomier? - Video

An Irish correspondent visited North Dakota and he believes the Bakken boom is getting boomier. It's a good overview of what's happening from a foreign perspective. Enjoy the Irish commentary:

A few interesting quotes and takeaways:

  • The Bakken covers an area twice the size of Ireland
  • The population in the region is just half that of the Irish Province Munster
  • Development is the "biggest oil boom on American land since Texas"
  • "Digging" thousands of oil wells
  • Prices are making the boom even more boomier
  • Lucky workers make it to the man camps that beat all man camps
  • Many didn't have much and are now multi-millionaires

P.S. Don't be surprised if you see me use the word "boomier" (pronounced: boomy-er) in the future.