North Dakota Campaign Seeks to Grow Workforce for In-Demand Jobs

Bakken Oil Workers
Bakken Oil Workers

North Dakota officials announced a new workforce recruitment campaign aimed at attracting a permanent private-sector workforce to keep pace with the state's growing economy. The “Find the Good Life in North Dakota” campaign is targeting people in states with chronic unemployment, and people in industries that are high-demand in North Dakota, including: engineering, healthcare, energy, skilled trades, transportation and information technology.

The campaign is set to launch in May 2014.

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The Bakken Shale oil boom has been the primary reason for job growth in the state. Well-paying opportunities in the oil patch have been plentiful, attracting workers from across the country; however, the growth of the workforce has caused some issues over the past several years. Housing shortages, particularly near Williston, ND, which is considered to be the epicenter of the oil boom, have caused the price of rent to shoot through the roof. Crime and other factors affecting quality of life near the oil patch have also been cause for concern among locals and workers relocating to the area for well-paying opportunities.

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Despite the growing pains caused by the boom, N0rth Dakota leads the nation in job growth, and the state's campaign hopes to continue that trend.

In a statement released by the North Dakota Economic Foundation, Lt. Governor, Drew Wrigley, said, “To sustain [our] growth, we need to ensure that the jobs we are creating are filled with highly-skilled workers, and this campaign is a tremendous opportunity to expand our workforce and promote the quality of life that North Dakota has to offer.

The campaign is also placing an emphasis on attracting veterans and active military transitioning to civilian life and employment.It is estimated that 250,000 service men and women will be exiting the armed forces in the coming years and the campaign will invite them to start their next career in North Dakota.

The State of North Dakota has provided $400,000 in matching funds to launch the project.