North Dakota "Man-Rush"

Bakken Oil Workers
Bakken Oil Workers

The so-called "Man-Rush" is on in North Dakota, thanks to the development of the Bakken Shale formation.

Since the beginning of the boom in 2009, the number of men in North Dakota has jumped 14% (46,000), according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Overall, the state's population has grown 12% during the same time frame, but men have accounted for two-thirds of that growth. The population of women has grown as well, but only by 9% (30,000).

Most North Dakota Jobs in Oil & Gas Industry Held by Men

Most of the Jobs in North Dakota's burgeoning oil and gas industry are held by men. The primary reason for that is because much of the work involves hard manual labor jobs traditionally held by men (i.e. deckhand, roughneck, roustabout, pipe-fitter, etc.).

Loding Options Catered to Men

Some  Lodging options are even referred to as Man Camps, which are specifically designed to host large numbers of oilfield workers. Recently, Target Logistics, a Boston-based builder and operator of housing projects primarily for the energy industry, secured a 30-million contract to provide lodging for Bakken Shale oilfield workers over the next three years.

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