North Dakota Bill Eliminates Oil Spill Reporting

North Dakota Passes 'Spill Bill'

North Dakota Passes 'Spill Bill'

North Dakota lawmakers are working to eliminate the reporting requirement on certain oil spills.

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Late last month, the North Dakota House legislators voted in favor of House Bill 1151, which eliminates a reporting requirement for oil spills under 10 barrels. The 82-11 vote was a clear victory for companies who say the measure will save them time and money. 

Removing reporting requirements for large spills will also ease the administrative burden of the state. One analyst estimates that 80 employees receive an email every time there is a spill. 

If the bill is passed, companies will no longer need to report large spills of natural gas, crude oil or the water water used in production. They define  are less than 10 barrels, or 420 gallons.

The commission may not require any person controlling or operating any well, or a
facility that handles fluids used in the production of gas or oil, to report to the
commission any spill or release of fluid confined to the oil well pad, production facility,
or a production - related handling facility if the spill or release of fluid contains ten or
fewer barrels of fluid.
— North Dakota House Bill 1151

The bill has received opposition from various groups including North Dakota Landowners Association, the North Dakota Farmers Union and the Dakota Resource Council.

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