Rangeland Energy's Bakken Shale COLT Rail Facility Open - June 11, 2012

Crude Oil Rail Car
Crude Oil Rail Car

The COLT (Crude Oil Loading Terminal) facility in North Dakota opened on June 11, 2012. COLT is operated by Rangeland Energy, LLC, and is the largest open access crude oil marketing terminal in the state. The facility provides marketing through unit trains and a 21-mile, 10-inch connector pipeline that ties into mulitple pipelines at Rangelands Dry Fork Terminal near Tioga. The pipeline provides direct access to both the Tesoro and Enbridge pipeline systems.

COLT's rail car loading facility is serviced by BNSF Railway. Storage and working capacity include:

  • 720,000 barrels of working storage
  • 120,000 barrels of tank storage
  • Access to 120,000 barrels of tank storage at the Dry Fork Terminal
  • Rail export capacity of 120,000 b/d
  • Pipeline capacity to move 75,000 b/d

Rangeland has service agreements with both U.S. Oil Trading LLC (subsidiary of Astra Oil Trading N.V.) and Flint Hills Resources.

Read more about the company at rgldenergy.com