Stallion's $2.6 Million Temporary Housing Fine Reduced


The Williams County Commission moved on Tuesday to approve a settlement agreement with Stallion Oilfield Services Ltd., over a proposed $2.6 million fine for temporary housing permit violations. The agreement comes after Stallion took legal action to dispute what the company considered an excessive penalty. According to Stallion representatives, the fine will now be reduced to $26,000.

The original conditional use permit, which accounts for temporary housing, was granted to Stallion in September of 2013, and allowed for twenty-five (25) housing units. The fine was levied by the commission due to conflicting definitions of what makes up a housing unit. The company considered connected units as one unit, but the county disagreed.

The real difference is in the counting.
— Stallion Attorney, Levi Anders

Stallion claims that no improper actions were taken in its implementation of its temporary housing units. The conditional use permit was reinstated for the company until May 1, 2014.

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