North Dakota Tribes Try to Halt a Second Pipeline

Three American Indian Tribes have asked a federal appeals court to uphold their mineral rights under Lake Sakakawea that are in jeopardy from a pipeline project. 

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Last week, a judge granted Paradigm Energy Partners permission to temporarily continue construction on the Sacagawea pipeline, while the situation is under investigation. Last month the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation demanded that work be halted because the company could not promise that their water supplies would remain safe.

This tense situation is the second project this month in North Dakota that is being challenged by native tribes. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe have been protesting construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline about 150 miles away. Those protest made national headlines as they became violent as tribal leaders feared the pipeline threatened the tribe's main water source. 

Paradigm Energy Partners told ABC News that their oil pipeline project already is complete and the company is looking to complete its $16.6 million gas pipeline by November 1st.