Supply Chain Initiative Launched for Bakken


Williston Economic Development (WED) has joined with DAWA Solutions Group to produce the 1st Annual Manufacturing and Logistics Conference (ManLog) to jumpstart its Enhanced Bakken Supply Chain Initiative. The event, scheduled for March 25-26, 2015 in Williston, ND is designed to connect the oil industry with other energy-related stakeholders in order to explore the opportunities they have in common.


Shawn Wenko, Executive Director of Williston Economic Development said that, “One of our goals in 2015 is to help more of our regional manufacturing firms get connected to the oil and gas industry,” said Wenko. “Given the magnitude and expected duration of this $30 billion industry, now is the time to grow and diversify our economy throughout the region.
President of DAWA Solutions Group, Jeff Xarling explains further that “We need to start connecting those dots with regional manufacturers that can deliver more cost-effective products and services. The end result is a win-win with reduced costs for operators and economic development and diversification for companies and communities throughout the region.

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More on Williston: Housing in the Bakken

ManLog will be held at The Well in Williston State College in Williston, ND. Conference participants can expect informative presentations, panel discussions and opportunities to network with others. There are several advertising opportunities for companies including a trade show component, where exhibitors can showcase their offerings.

Conference Topics:

- Product & Service Supply Chain in the Oil and Gas Industry - Study: Cost Reduction through Supply Chain Enhancement in the Bakken - Exploration & Production Company Perspectives (Oil Companies) - Product & Service Development in the Bakken Region (Success Stories) - Manufacturing in the Bakken - Regional Manufacturing Capabilities - Value-Added Energy Development (Downstream) - North Dakota NGL Market Study – Presented by IHS - Logistics – Materials Management & Transportation Opportunities

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Oil & Gas Industry Focused on Innovation - Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference

Deloitte - Technically Recoverable Tight Oil
Deloitte - Technically Recoverable Tight Oil

Several key leaders from across the industry shared their optimism at the annual Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference on November 16th.

The conference agenda covers the global oil & gas industry, but US shale plays dominated the conference. Many of the speakers reiterated that we're no longer in a "shale revolution", but a renaissance that will last for years to come.

The industry is focused on innovation. New technologies are needed to address challenges presented in shale development. Whether it is lowering operating costs or utilizing currently flared gas through a gas-to-liquids (GTL) process, the industry sees room for growth.

A few key points and statistics we noted while at the conference:

  • Oil production has grown to 1980s levels
  • 15% of technically recoverable shale gas and 17% of technically recoverable shale oil resources globally are located in the US
  • The US will pass Russia as leading O&G producer this year; will pass Saudi Arabia next year
  • Shale has increased our current trade balance by $200 million/yr and is predicted to give us oil independence by 2020
  • US has increasing geopolitical influence in critical regions due to growing oil & gas production
  • The oil export ban needs reform. Otherwise, refinery changes are needed and we will consume more expensive crude.
  • Operators are focused on cutting costs to increase valuations
  • According to Maynard Holt, "we may be in the 8th inning of the shale game, but we're in the 3rd inning of the completion/cocktail game"
  • Since 2008, foreign firms have invested over $100 billion in US unconventional assets
  • Over that period, Chinese companies have spent $44 billion to acquire N. America based energy firms and assets
  • Gas-to-liquids technology is becoming more and more attractive with current oil and gas prices
  • Skip Horvath, Natural Gas Supply Association predicts that natural gas will hit $6.00 by 2020, "assuming Washington leaves us alone over the next few years."

"This boom isn't just for a few years. We believe the shale revolution really has staying power" -Ryan Lance, ConocoPhillips CEO

About the Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference

The Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference is an annual conference for oil and gas executives and leading industry experts to share their views on important issues facing the global oil and gas industry. The objective of this conference is to provide a forum for executives and managers from companies in all sectors of the oil and gas industry, commercial and investment bankers, industry analysts, service providers to the oil and gas industry, representatives of government agencies, trade groups and policy planners, to understand emerging issues.

Expect Ups and Downs in the Bakken - Lynn Helms

We in full development mode in the Bakken, but don't expect smooth sailing from here on out. That was was the basic message from the Department of Mineral Resources Director Lynn Helms at the North Dakota Petroleum Council's annual meeting. A few of threats to development include:

  • Federal regulations such as new rules around hydraulic fracturing
  • A lack of light-sweet crude refining capacity

The commission is also working to help reduce natural gas flaring.

We have a tremendous amount of work in front of us,” Helms said. “I commend you for how responsibly you`re approaching this process as we develop this amazing, amazing resource.