Bakken Oil & Gas Might Follow Allete's Transmission Line Right-of-Way

Allete Bakken Right of Way
Allete Bakken Right of Way

Allete announced plans to turn a 465-mile DC transmission line right-of-way into a shared right-of-way that could be used for pipelines.

Pipelines moving oil, natural gas, petroleum products, water, or carbon were mentioned as possibilities.

The first order of business will be establishing an extension 60 miles west into the producing region of the Williston Basin and the Bakken Shale.

Allete DC Transmission Line Map

Governor Jack Dalrymple supports the project and the creative solutions it might offer in reducing Bakken flaring.

"The ALLETE Energy Corridor is a breakthrough opportunity to reduce flaring by locating a major natural gas pipeline from the Bakken to eastern markets," Gov. Jack Dalrymple said. "While the corridor would support the transfer of many energy resources, it could also carry carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants to western North Dakota for use in advanced oil recovery."

We see the ALLETE Energy Corridor as a comprehensive infrastructure solution in North Dakota that could serve many products and producers across the region,” said ALLETE CEO Alan R. Hodnik. “We value Gov. Dalrymple’s support of our vision and appreciate him bringing it forward to other members of the state’s energy sector.

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