NDPA Natural Gas Report - Progress Made in Bakken Flaring Fight

ND Natural Gas Flaring Chart
ND Natural Gas Flaring Chart

The North Dakota Pipeline Authority updated its Natural Gas Report at the end of October.

The report is designed to provide factual information on natural gas gathering, processing, and flaring in North Dakota. As you can imagine, it's not as easy as simply selling or flaring natural gas.


A few of the major takeaways include:

  • Bakken gas is not dry and has a higher value. It's economic to construct the required infrastructure
  • The sale of natural gas in North Dakota is increasing with production
  • ~4,700 wells are flaring gas in North Dakota
  • 29% of the natural gas produced in ND is flared
  • 13% of gas production is flared from wells that are not connected to pipelines and 16% of production is from wells connected to inadequate infrastructure
  • Over 2,400 miles of pipe were placed into service in 2012 alone
  • Growth in the number of wells flaring gas is slowing
  • NGLs fall out of the production stream and reduce the flow of gas in pipelines
  • Processing capacity is expected to grow from 1 Bcf/d today to 1.45 Bcf/d in the next few years
  • An interstate natural gas pipelines is likely needed
  • ND accounts for a small percentage of natural gas flared in U.S. history

Download the full report at ndpipelines.com