Alliance Pipeline's Tioga Lateral Is Online & Moving Gas Onto Its Mainline System

Tioga Lateral - Alliance Pipeline
Tioga Lateral - Alliance Pipeline

Alliance Pipeline's 80-mile, 12-inch Tioga Lateral pipeline came into service in September and is moving Bakken gas onto the Alliance mainline.

The pipeline was constructed over a period of a little less than a year at a cost of $170 million.

The pipeline adds much needed high btu, wet gas pipeline capacity out of the basin. The lateral has capacity to move ~126 mmcfd from Hess' Tioga Processing Plant to the company's mainline system near the Canadian border.

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The system was originally supported by an agreement with Hess to move 61.5 mmcfd for ten years.

The Alliance system has capacity to move 1.6 Bcf/d of high btu gas out of Western Canada to Chicago.

The Tioga lateral is the second pipeline from the Bakken that ties into the system. As much as ~250 mmcfd can now move into the system through the Tioga Lateral and Pecan Rose Pipeline.

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