Thunder Butte Petroleum Services Refinery Ground Broken

Thunder Butte Petroleum
Thunder Butte Petroleum

Ground has been broken at the site of the Thunder Butte Petroleum Services Refinery southwest of Minot, ND. Three affiliated Indian tribes have joined together for the $450 million project that will be constructed on a 476-acre site.

This is the second refinery to break ground in the past two months. The Dakota Prairie Refinery Groundbreaking was held in March near Dickinson.

It`s really an important time for our people. It`s exciting,” said tribal representative Ken Hall. “But we have to be mindful going forward to not lose our culture.

Full-scale construction will start on the Thunder Butte Refinery in August and will be completed in phases over the next two years.

Once completed, the refinery will employee 100 people and refine 20,000 b/d of Bakken crude into diesel and other petroleum products.

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