Whiting Petroleum Hits Record Production Levels In Q1 2013

Whiting Bakken Map
Whiting Bakken Map

Whiting Petroleum reported record company-wide production in the first quarter of 2013 of more than 8 million boe (over 89,000 boe/d).

That represents 4% growth over Q4 2012 and 10% growth over Q1 2012.

The growth was driven by the company's assets in the Western Williston, Southern Williston, and Sanish Field areas. Seismic work completed at the Starbuck prospect and positive results from the Niobrara Shale mean Whiting could have future growth not baked into its guidance of 12-16% in 2013.

In the Williston Basin, drilling at our Sanish, Pronghorn, Hidden Bench and Tarpon fields continues to underpin our production increases. Recent well results at our Missouri Breaks prospect indicate that this area should also contribute significantly to future production growth.
— Mr. Volker, CEO

Bakken Highlights

  • Western Williston Basin production grew 27% from Q4 to 6,520 boe/d
  • A well was brought online at almost 1,500 boe/d in the Missouri Breaks prospect
  • South Williston production grew 52% from Q1 2012 to 13,800 boe/d
  • Sanish production grew 16% from Q1 2012 to more than 33,000 boe/d
  • Big Island Prospect yielded two vertical Red River wells that produced more than 200 boe/d
  • Completed 3-D seismic on the Starbuck prospect.

Whiting also completed a successful well in the Niobrara in the Denver-Julesberg Basin. The Razor 26-3524H flowed over 861 boe/d intially. One rig is working the area an another will be added at mid-year.

The company operates a total 23 rigs and ~20 of those are active in the Williston Basin.

Read the full press release at whiting.com