Whiting's CEO Jim Volker on CNBC's Mad Money - Video

Whiting's CEO was interviewed by Jim Cramer on CNBC a few weeks back. Learn more about how the company remains a leading oil play developer straight from the CEO:

Takeaways From the Interview

  • Lead in the Bakken by controlling drilling and completion costs
  • Drilling time from well spud to total depth in the Bakken has fallen from 30 days to 11-15 days now
  • Have used top drive, higher horsepower rigs, and better drill bits to drive down time spent drilling
  • WLL has potential for 3,000 drilling locations in the Niobrara
  • The Niobrara has 60 million barrels of oil in place in each spacing unit or approximately twice what is found in the Bakken
  • With the amount of oil in place, Whiting is already planning 16 well spacing units in the Niobrara