Flare Gas Measurement Package Brings Oil & Gas Companies into Compliance with Federal Mandate - Press Release

Reliable, Low Cost Flare Gas Metering for Emissions Reporting Pennsylvania-based Thermal Instrument Company, a 55 year old designer and manufacturer of industrial precision made thermal mass flow meters, has recently launched its flare gas flow measurement system for use in the upstream oil & gas exploration areas. This flare gas flow metering package brings companies into mandated monitoring compliance on flared emissions as stated by state and federal regulatory agencies. This Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting Rule, 40 CFR Part 98, Subpart W is pertinent to reporting requirements and data collection for the upstream oil & gas exploration industry.

In March, 2014, the U.S. EPA published some proposed revisions to this 40 CFR Part 98, Subpart W to include general applicability, revised calculation methods and reporting requirements for specified emission sources within the source category, and some other changes to monitoring standards. Additionally, a Subpart OOOO (Quad O) has become another EPA standard for upstream & midstream gas exploration emissions compliance that must be met.

There are a small handful of oil & gas exploration companies taking the proactive approach early on to engineer the flow monitoring instrumentation onto the well pad site for monitoring the mass flow exiting the flare. At this point, the EPA has defined January 1, 2015 as a technically feasible date when the proposed revisions will be effective for this mandated monitoring and recording of flow exiting the flares at oil & gas exploration well sites.

In cooperation with a major gas exploration company in the Texas area of the Eagle Ford Shale formation, Thermal Instrument Company enhanced and completed their total flow monitoring system. Even with changes in gas composition, the flow monitoring system from Thermal Instrument Company was very repeatable and accurate and the customer was amazed at the less than five minute start-up time. The system can vary from just the flow measurement design to the whole package including solar panels, totalization module, and battery management hardware.

For more information on this flare gas flow system, contact Thermal Instrument Company at (215) 355-8400.

PTI Group USA Announces New Bakken Accommodations Location - Press Release

Killdeer Lodge Workout Facility - PTI Group
Killdeer Lodge Workout Facility - PTI Group

PTI Group USA an Oil States International, Inc. (NYSE: OIS) company, announced today the recent opening of a new facility in the Bakken in Killdeer, North Dakota. The accommodations facility, Killdeer Lodge, will welcome those working in the oil and gas fields in the region.

Killdeer Lodge is now open for occupancy, with the room count expected to increase to a total capacity of 235 rooms when the initial construction is completed in the first quarter of 2014.

“We are delighted to announce the opening of our second Bakken accommodations facility,” stated Cindy B. Taylor, Oil States’ President and Chief Executive Officer. “The Bakken region is active and growing. The opening of the additional facility in this region will help us service our customers’ needs in a region of growing oil and gas activity.”

Killdeer Lodge Amenities

The new property will feature a total of 235 guest rooms with a mix of single and double sized beds to suit different price points. Standard Rooms include a single bed with shared in-suite bathroom and Deluxe Rooms include a double bed with private bathroom. Each room offers wireless internet and satellite TV. Additional services and amenities provided onsite include: catered dining, fitness and recreational facilities, housekeeping, and guest laundry.

Reservations are now being accepted by calling 877.234.8983 or by visiting ptigroup.com

Directions to Killdeer Lodge

Killdeer Lodge is located in Killdeer, North Dakota, approximately two miles west of the town on Highway 200. (Latitude: 47.361667 Longitude: -102.797222).

About PTI Group

PTI Group is one of North America’s largest fully integrated suppliers of remote site services providing temporary and permanent workforce accommodations, food services, facility management, and water and wastewater services to resource industries worldwide. PTI Group USA is based in Denver, Colorado and manages multiple accommodation facilities in North Dakota and Texas. PTI Group US is a subsidiary of Houston-based Oil States International Inc., a diversified oilfield services company publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol OIS.

About Oil States International (OIS)

Oil States International, Inc. is a diversified oilfield services company and is a leading, integrated provider of remote site accommodations with prominent market positions in the Canadian oil sands and the Australian mining regions. Oil States is also a leading manufacturer of products for deepwater production facilities and subsea pipelines as well as a provider of completion services and land drilling services to the oil and gas industry. Oil States is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol OIS.

For more information, please contact:

Sean Crockett, VP Business Development PTI Group +1 (780) 233-0426

Bosque Systems' Growth Strategy Has Paid Off With Big Contracts in Texas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota. Expanding further in 2014 - Press Release

Bosque-Systems Water Management
Bosque-Systems Water Management

Fort Worth-based Bosque Systems announces that it is the largest independent water management dedicated contractor to oil and gas operators in the U.S. It has treated and managed close to 200 million barrels of produced and flowback water for oil and gas operators in 2013. The company is engaged in sourcing, gathering, storing, treating and delivery of frac ready water to numerous operators.

"A few years ago, Bosque's business was based solely within the saltwater disposal arena where we own and operate facilities in Texas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota," said Clane LaCrosse, president and CEO of Bosque Systems. "Today our treatment, recycling and reuse programs account for more than half of our revenues and we forecast that this trend will increase in the future."

Providing Dynamic Solutions to Water Challenges in the Oilfield

Bosque Systems works as a partner with oil and gas operators and handles millions of barrels at all phases of the fluid management life cycle. The solutions offered may include sourcing, gathering systems, pipelines, water storage solutions, and various water treatments depending on the water quality, drilling pattern and goals of the operators.

"Bosque Systems has developed a very strong business, solution, and service model centered around environmentally friendly fluid management solutions," Clane LaCrosse said. "By partnering with operators, we allow them to concentrate on production and maximize their resources rather than focusing on water management," Clane LaCrosse continued.

Bosque Systems' relationship with major operators has grown from disposal to full water life cycle management.

"The introduction of our DIONIXTM water treatment system was a turning point for Bosque Systems," said Peter Pappas, vice president of business development for Bosque Systems. "From that point, we generated a lot of interest from operators to recycle flowback or produced water. Our technology is easy to deploy, cost effective and kills 100% of all bacteria in the water," Peter continued.

From this initial success, the company introduced other technologies to provide a single point of contact to operators in need of treatment and recycling.

Continued Growth and Innovation in Water Management

The growth of Bosque Systems has been made possible due to extensive hiring of both management and operation personnel. The company continues hiring specialist operators and technicians in markets including the Eagle Ford Shale, the Cline Shale, Permian Basin, Mid-Con region and the Bakken. Rapidly approaching 500 employees, the company is well positioned to solidify its relationships and develop new ones within the active markets and others.

In the Wolfcamp play, considered as possibly the largest oil and gas discovery in the world and, also, a very drought prone area, the company is leading the charge to allow operators to reuse 100% of their flowback and produced water, thus minimizing fresh water withdrawal and drastically reducing truck traffic in the region by using pipeline across fields. The company leases land and sets up BATTM tanks, containing up to 40,000 bbls of recycled water, and other equipment to capture, treat, and make this water available for the operator. In this region, Bosque Systems allows for blending up to 30% recycled and treated water within producers' operations.

[sws_green_box box_size="630"]One customer in the region commented: "We're using 100 percent of the produced water we have. If we were producing more water, we'd use it." [/sws_green_box]

The produced water is mixed with fresh water at the well site. To date, the same operator has used about 2,000,000 barrels (about 84 million gallons) of recycled water, which, without this initiative, would have been all freshwater. Blended water has helped complete over 35 wells in the Eldorado portion of the Wolfcamp since April.

Operators are excited about the game changing solutions that Bosque Systems provide in the various regions. As more scrutiny from environmental organizations and more regulations are put in place, Bosque Systems believes that the company is well positioned to support recycling initiatives on a large scale in all major plays in North America in 2014 and many more years to come.

More About Bosque Systems, LLC

Bosque Systems, LLC is a diversified oil and gas fluids management service company promoting environmentally responsible practices throughout the recovery, transportation, storage, treatment, recycling, and handling process of pre-frac, flowback and produced water and other fluids in the oilfield. Bosque Systems is well positioned to be the premier oil and natural gas fluids management service company in the United States.


Marc Bellanger marc.bellanger@bosquesystems.com www.bosquesystems.com

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2013 Rocky Mountain Oil & Gas Awards Finalist Announced - Press Release

Oil & Gas Awards
Oil & Gas Awards

With an unprecedented number of entries received for the Rocky Mountain region in the Oil & Gas Awards this year, the organizers are pleased to announce the finalist companies selected by the judges as best in class for the Rocky Mountain region.

The Oil & Gas Awards will be holding the "Conference for Excellence" during the day of the gala dinner. The Conference for Excellence will provide a fantastic opportunity for selected finalists to speak on matters important to their business and to the industry. Professionals attending the conference will have further opportunity to network with other finalists and listen to the wide variety of keynote speeches from leaders in the market. There will also be the chance to contribute to panel debates on key topics. Should you wish to attend the conference and dinner, please contact us.

2013 Rocky Mountain Oil & Gas Award Finalist

  • A&W Water Service
  • AED Group, LLC
  • Alpha Transport, Inc.
  • Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
  • Audubon
  • Austin Exploration
  • BeneTerra LLC
  • Bilfinger Westcon Inc.
  • Bronco Oilfield Services, Inc.
  • C&J Energy Services
  • Canary, LLC
  • Cartasite
  • Cathedral Energy Services
  • Cinco Energy Management Group
  • DA Nolt, Inc.
  • Davis & Davis Company
  • Denbury Resources, Inc.
  • E&B Green Solutions
  • Enerplus
  • Enersight
  • Enserveco
  • Express Energy Services
  • Fortis Energy Services, Inc.
  • Frank Henry Equipment
  • Gazelle Transportation, Inc.
  • GE Oil & Gas Pressure Control
  • Global Employment Solutions Inc.
  • Gulf Interstate Engineering
  • Halker Consulting
  • HexArmor
  • High Sierra Energy, LP
  • JD Field Services Inc.
  • Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp.
  • Krohne, Inc.
  • Loenbro
  • MDU Resources group, Inc.
  • NCS Energy Services, Inc.
  • Northern Plains Trucking
  • Norton Rose Fulbright
  • Oasis Petroleum Corporation
  • Oildex
  • OleumTech
  • Precision Drilling
  • Precision Placement Services, Inc.
  • Preferred Sands
  • Profire Energy, Inc
  • PTI Group
  • QC Energy Resources
  • Rockwater Energy Solutions
  • RTS Corp
  • Sage Environmental Consulting, LP
  • Secure Energy Services
  • Select Energy Services
  • Spartan Engineering
  • Steptoe & Johnson LLP
  • StratCom Advisors, LLC
  • Summit Midstream Partners, LP
  • Target Logistics
  • TaxOps
  • TETRA Technologies, Inc.
  • Total Safety
  • Trican Well Service Ltd.
  • Trinidad Drilling
  • United NRG
  • VZ Environmental
  • Whiting Petroleum Corporation
  • Worthington Industries

The selected finalists will be invited to attend the conference and the gala dinner on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at the Grand Hyatt in Denver.

For more information, please visit our website on: http://www.oilandgasawards.com/rocky-mountain-2013/ Call +210 591 8471

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Savage Adds Oilfield Logistics Services At North Dakota Terminal

Savage is expanding the company's Bakken Petroleum Services Hub in Trenton, ND. The company is leveraging the acquisition of Fort Worth Pipe to expand its offering in the North Dakota. New services include:

  • OCTG storage
  • Transloading
  • Trucking
  • Threading
  • Pipe inspection & clean and drift services

"We are always working to bring expanded value to our customers," said Nathan Savage, Sr. VP at Savage. "The addition of OCTG logistics to the Trenton terminal was a natural fit. The knowledge and network of locations we`ve gained by joining with the Ft. Worth Pipe team will allow us to expand the suite of services we can provide to our oilfield customers."

Read the full press release at savageservices.com

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